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A Palmetto Bluff Destination Wedding
Bluffton, SC

“And when he let it slip that they met at Taekwondo, we were definitely intrigued” That’s right. Rachel and Samuel met at Taekwondo. You don’t hear that love story everyday do you?


These two have so much depth to them. They hold their lives, their stories, their marriage with such high value, care, and sacredness. If you watch their film and listen to their words, you will also realize they don’t skimp on adventure. As Samuel stated, “we’ve gone from kicking to dancing at Wofford, from rooftop meals in New York City, to the back and forth of South Carolina, the lush green trails and mountaintops of North Carolinas Appalachian mountains, to the mysterious and magical side streets of Paris..” We wanted their wedding film to do just that. We wanted it to take them on yet another adventure through their wedding day while reflecting back on everything that brought them to this point.

Venue    Montage Palmetto Bluff

Design   Allison Event Design

Florals   August Design

Photo     Elizabeth Lanier Photography

Film        Miles Film Co

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