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What wedding film dreams are made of.


South Carolina + Destinations Worldwide

Your Wedding Film Should Feel Like a Movie 

As wedding videographers, we strive to do more than simply document your wedding.  At Miles Film Co, we believe that the lives of couples have been divinely and artfully woven together.  We desire to craft films that reflect your story and your wedding as the artwork that it truly is.  As a husband and wife videography team, we know how important it is to preserve the treasured moments of a wedding day.  We promise to create your film with the care and intentionality it deserves.

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We're Sarah + Andrew

Husband and Wife and Dreamers at Heart

Our love for videography and storytelling started many years back. As an 11 year old, Sarah would glue herself to her family's big bulky tv and lose herself in the world of movies.

Andrew grew up wanting to be on the big screens like Leonardo DiCaprio but found a home behind the lens instead.

So, how did we end up filming magical weddings for a career, you ask?

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The Experience

At Miles Film Co, we give your wedding film that movie like feel without creating a production out of your wedding day. Both having degrees in Media Arts, we have the skill set and knowledge to make magic out of real and intimate wedding day moments while being completely unobtrusive.

Each of our films are uniquely crafted and designed to reflect the couples within them. Read more about our process and style here!

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