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We are Andrew and Sarah Miles; A husband and wife wedding videography team.

We both graduated from the University of South Carolina with Media Arts Degrees.  During our time in the Media Arts Program, we learned about film and the art of cinematography. Having the eye of a filmmaker is something that is fine tuned and developed with experience, knowledge, education, and passion. 

Our Purpose

There is a reason why certain movies and real moments in this life give us butterflies, chills, goosebumps, whatever you choose to call the feeling.


We believe it's because there is so much more to this life than meets the eye.

Recently, Sarah discovered really old pictures of her grandmother who passed away several years ago.  She was overwhelmed by how crazy it is that you can live a whole life, make all of these memories, have all of this character, and then just be.... gone.

It was an incredibly sad feeling for her at first.

However, it quickly turned from sadness to a feeling of hope and a strong desire to document memories. It was the discovery of these lost memories that lit a fire inside, a fire of hope and a belief that there has to be....more.

This is the very feeling that drives us to document life, to film your stories, to film our stories. It won't just be you who ends up cherishing the preservation of these memories one day.  Let the documentation of your wedding not only be a source of hope and reflection for your future self, but also for future friends and family.

Our Approach

Storybased with the wedding experience

At Miles Film Co, we prioritize the story of our couples. However, your wedding details as well as your guests are all a part of your story. Intentionally intertwining all of these elements within our films creates an immersive experience that reflects the true essence of our couples and their wedding day.


Intimacy with thrill

We give space in our films for both the intimate and in-between moments and the wild and grand ones.  You don’t have to choose between one or the other. A wedding day has a range of emotions, your wedding film should too.


Documentary with flare

Our films are designed to be a true reflection of how the wedding day felt. We often have a mixture of both candid documentary style moments and romantic cinematic portraits to create a movie like experience.  

Sarah Miles

Favorite movie: Titanic

Favorite Show: The Vampire Diaries

Favorite past time: laughing at her two dogs and two cats

Favorite cocktail: blood orange mojito

Coffee order: Black Drip Coffee

Favorite Trip: San Miguel de Allende


Andrew Miles

Favorite movie: Oh Brother Where Art Thou

Favorite Show: Breaking Bad

Favorite past time: making beats

Favorite cocktail: Old Fashioned

Coffee order: Almond Milk Honey Flat White

Favorite Trip: Joshua Tree

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