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Dreamy High Fashion Wedding with Italian Vibes
Villanova, PA

"We lived somehow like it was a 1950s evening. Maria, dad and I waited for Sofia to come home from a date, and she walked through the door - well, floated through the door."

Sofia and Ryan are definitely the main characters and we are all just living in their movie. I knew they were special from the moment they reached out to us. Sofia had a vision and she knew exactly how she wanted it to come to life. Not only did it come to life, but it grew into something so extraordinary and magical. The ceremony took place at St Thomas of Villanova and the rest of the wedding day and reception took place at Sofia's childhood home in PA.  Having her wedding at her childhood home was extremely special to her. From every flower petal to every meal that was cooked in the kitchen by their favorite chef from Italy, Mood Ginevra, their was intentionality, passion, and perfection around every corner. The most extraordinary thing of all, however, is the fact that even with all of these amazing details and all of the moving pieces to their wedding day, when Ryan and Sofia looked at each other, it was as if you could literally see the world become quiet and pause leaving just the two of them for a moment. We realize seeing the world become quiet makes no sense at all, but that's exactly how it appeared.

We will leave you with a bit of advice that we learned from Sofia and Ryan's story.  For anyone with loved ones, surprise them with flowers, sometimes even two days in a row.

Venue       St Thomas of Villanova & Childhood Home

Planner.    Lepetite Prive

Photo        Dusoleil Photo

Film           Miles Film Co

Florals       Pearl

Chef          Mood Ginevra

Table Top Rentals  The Table Top Company

Wedding Cakes  New June Bakery

Band         Eddie Bruce

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